I’m white, 40, female and I was raised in a middle-class family.

I never went to bed feeling hungry, never had to worry about having a roof over my head and never had to worry about the people I loved and trusted hit me.

I’ve had 2 “long-term” relationships; they lasted about 3 months each.

I’m sure a psychiatrist would say I have dysthymia or depression along with an anxiety disorder. I think it’s much more complicated than that.

I don’t own a house, have a child or a stable career. I think for the most part, people enjoy my company. I do ok at parties and I can generally keep up with the conversation. I’m quirky, but respectful.

I lack deep, meaningful connections with people – men and women. Most days I’m ok with it, others I’m not and I’ve fallen into dark, dark, dark places in the mind as a result. Giving up on life has been on the table more times than I care to admit.

However, I am here because I do not want to cause my family and friends grief. I can not bear the thought of inflicting so much pain on innocent people.

I would like to stay anonymous.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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