Archive | July 2013

Good news

For all the five people that are reading this blog, I’ve been going to the gym and exercising fairly regularly since my last post.

It’s been feeling good and I’m kind of getting into it. I’ve noticed that I’m making “working out” more of a priority. Easy, considering I’m out of work and have 16 hours of free time during the day. We’ll see how important physical activity is once I get a job.

I do feel better during and after exercising which makes it easier ┬áto go. I’ve even surprised myself by going to the gym, or biking, even when I was dirt-bagged tired. Remarkably, I felt better afterwards. It’s like I was rewarded for my efforts–thank you brain.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a great net loss of weight. I seem to be fluctuating a lot–a result of eating really “well” on one day and then “poorly” on others. I blame it on my current inability to control myself when I’m socializing.

I just have to keep at it…

That’s all, not a very exciting post, I know.