Powerful image I thought I would share


I’m sure the artist is not the only person to feel this way.

Original post from Imgur.

One response to “Powerful image I thought I would share”

  1. Hojney says :

    Dunno if you are still around……hope you are, of course.

    I’m hoping you realize that depression can be a trap…it tricks you into thinking life is not worth living.

    Holding onto life is the ultimate revenge against the demons….

    I did the emotional work in my 20’s and I regularly do a sort of refresher course. To live or to die? It’s the only real question to be answered. Everything else is just BS.

    My conclusion: to remember that I am not immortal, I have no gift of prescience. I will never know what will happen in 2 minutes or 5 years. And if there is a chance, the tiniest morsel of a chance, that I may laugh or enjoy a film, or find joy in the face of a puppy, it will be worth it to live a few more hours, days, weeks, years.

    Woody Allen said “Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.” But he forgot to mention the gravy, the sex, the kittens, the sky.

    It’s a lousy deal some of us get, with gloom and doom as our constant companions, and we must persevere, just to prove we can.

    A lot of crap I spouted, eh? But maybe not. I’m still here, and my goal is still be to 51% great smelling, full of food, and even happy.

    All the Best!

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