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It’s still about connection

So, I’ve done some stuff lately. Marked some things off my to-do list.

Painting, cleaning, putting together IKEA furniture.

Biking, running, swimming.

Yeah, it feels good.

And, I guess I feel kind of proud of myself.

It feels good to be moving, doing, accomplishing. I think that’s what the doctor ordered.

But, there is still this hollow feeling that goes right through me. Like my soul is a pilot light and it’s flickering in a cold dark room. You meet people with all burners on high – loving, being excited, laughing, trying, giving up, forgiving, failing, being sad, falling down, getting up, learning, divulging, sharing – I find it amazing.

And, no matter how good I temporarily feel from doing and accomplishing – I still don’t feel connected, connected to others. I see the love, I just can’t feel it.

This post is half-baked. Pfft!